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Empowering the Vulnerable Sections of Society Through English

"Neither Asoka's Sanskrit nor Akbar's Urdu united the country as did the Englishman's English", said Mr K M Balasubramaniam, who had translated Tirukkural into English (vide, The Indian Express, dated November 6, 1967). "It is English that has helped develop Tamil"

How to Get Into the Top MBA College in Mumbai

In todayâEUR(TM)s fast-paced world, everything has become very competitive. This stands true for work, career and education as well. This is especially the case in fast-paced metros such as Mumbai. Leaving work and career aside ...

What Happens When a Sorority Pulls Its Charter?

Greek letter organizations are a centuries-old tradition on college campuses nationwide. The National Panhellenic Conference grants charters for national sororities, and it holds members to a strict code of conduct. The host campus often imposes its own standards as well, and organizations that fail

Adding Fractions

Adding fractions is not difficult. This article shows you how to add and subtract fractions easily.

The Discovery of Hispaniola

The famous Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci was born in the year 1454 in Florence. The was a huge interest in exploration in that period of time in Florence, so it was the best city for ...

How to Take the LSAT in Illinois

The Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT, is administered by the Law School Admissions Council and is given four times a year at locations through the state of Illinois and U.S. The LSAT is a standardized test that measures your reading and verbal skill level, and is used to assess whether or not you

How to Teach Vowel Pairs to Second Graders

Though the English language is comprised of only 26 letters, the sounds associated with the language are an estimated 44. The difference between the amount of letters and the amount of sounds is in part due to vowel pairs. Vowel pairs refers to two vowels that when placed side-by-side, create one lo

Head of a Woman, ca. 1475

Andrea del Verrocchio (Italian 1435-1488). Head of a Woman, ca. 1475. Charcoal (some oiled ?), heightened with white, pen and brown ink on her left eye. 32.4 x 27.3 cm (12 3/4 x 10 3/4 in.). © Trustees of the British Museum.

Magic Ball Fortune Teller - Know Your Future

If you are going through tumultuous time, and have not seen the happy faces of your good fortune, then it's time that you can try a magic ball fortune telling session to uplift your drowsy and drowned mood. A magic ball is a perfect solution to make you cheerful and also present the information

Information About Career As A Cosmetologist

If you are deciding to take career as a cosmetologist, then in general you should enjoy working with different people during the day since such people are responsible for helping others enhance their overall look. For a cosmetologist to continue his career, he must be licensed even though qualificat

History of Financial Aid in Higher Education

As long as American universities have existed, financial aid has allowed students to attend them. Financial aid has increased in importance and prominence over time, and today, most American students who attend college use financial aid in some form or another.