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How to Repair & Paint an Aluminum Propeller

The propeller on a boat can take a lot of abuse depending on what type of area your boat is used in. For boats used for fishing in ponds, lakes and streams, propellers can be damaged on stumps, logs, rocks or animals under the water's surface. The propeller can also be damaged while being loaded or

About Rear-View Car Cameras

Rear-view car cameras are becoming highly popular with car owners and some manufacturers who are now placing it on their vehicles. The driver no longer has to worry about who or what is behind their car because they can see everything there clearly on a screen placed inside the car. There are a numb

How to Change a 1998 Windstar's Fuel Filter

Ford's premiere minivan for the 1998 model year was the Windstar. Available with a 3.0-liter Vulcan V-6 or a 3.8-Liter Essex V-6 engine; the Windstar employed electronic fuel injection, no matter which engine powered the drivetrain. In order to operate at peak efficiency, the fuel injection system m

How to Clean Painted Wheels

Brake dust, road grime and other debris can make your painted wheels look dull and drab. Wheels may become gray or even black in areas. A new vehicle can suddenly look not so appealing because of grime on rims or covers. Your automobile may have painted rims or wheel covers, but all are cleaned in a

Gas Tank Rust Repair

If your car is suddenly getting poorer gas mileage, you might check for a gas leak. A common place where gas leaks is the gas tank. Over time, rust sometimes develops on the inside of the tank. If untreated, the rust will bore a small hole in the tank, and fuel will start seeping out. Repairing the

How to Reset BMW Service

With European engineering, BMW is known for manufacturing luxurious and classy sedans. However, at times the BMW's service warning light will light up to show there is an issue with its engine. Fortunately, the service warning light is simple to reset with the use of a Service Light Plus airbag rese

How to Install an Auto Fuel Regulator

The fuel-pressure regulator monitors and maintains the pressure in the fuel injection system. Some fuel-pressure regulators have simple designs, while others may have more than one vacuum or fuel line attached to it. Regulators that begin to fail can cause engine stumbling and poor performance. Repl

How to Replace RX300 Headlights

True to its luxury branding, the Lexus RX300 offers a simple procedure for replacing the headlight bulbs. In many vehicles you have to remove the battery or coolant reservoir to gain access to the headlight, or employ screwdrivers or another tool to open the headlight assembly. Not so in the Lexus R

How to Check a Gas Cap Warning in a Cadillac

Intensified Federal emissions laws forced the auto manufacturers to implement new emission control devices on all vehicles sold in the United States. Cadillac, among others, uses a warning system to alert the driver of a loose gas cap. Operating a Cadillac with a loose gas cap allows gas fumes to es

Auto Mechanic Services

Finding a mechanic that is going to give you a good deal on your broken car can be tough. If you don't know what to look for then you might end up spending more than you actually need to. There are mechanics that will give you honest service and do a thorough job keeping your best interest in m

How to Trim an Outboard for the Best MPG

Your motor's trim control--the button on the throttle that changes the angle of the motor in the water--is a valuable tool in maximizing your boat's fuel consumption. Trim changes the angle at which power is applied to your boat's hull. If you raise the angle of the motor, the front of the boat (the

How to Replace a Kenmore Spin Cam Bar

Replacing the Kenmore spin cam bar is necessary to get the washer working properly again if the bar wears out or gets damaged. The spin cam bar operates the mechanisms that position the washer tub, lining them up so the tub will turn at the right times. The cam bar can occasionally get bent, prevent