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Saltwater Speckled Trout Fishing Advice

How to haul in the elusive speckled trout. There are so many different saltwater species that you can fish for that you are never at a loss for the various choices of fish.However, whatever choice you make, you'll want to know the best ways to target the species.One of the favored pastimes for

The Best Walking Shoes

Walking! One of the smartest things we could do for ourselves. With that, the ultimate goal is to find the best walking shoes to suites our needs. At first glance the amount of choices that are now available to you could be overwhelming. Once you narrow down your foot type and detail preferences, yo

US Open Men's QF Preview - Nadal Vs Verdasco

Verdasco has powerful ground strokes, and his serve is his great strength. He is arguably one of the most powerful servers on the tour, and has recorded a 150 mph serve. But Nadal is one of the greatest returners of service, and has won 13 of his last 14 matches against big servers. And as a wise ma

Luigi Villoresi - An Italian Star

Luigi Villoresi was born on May 16, 1909 into a wealthy family in Milan. Both he and his younger brother Emilio starting racing as private entrants since they could afford a racecar. Then in 1937, Emilio was offered a contract to drive for Ferrari and the following year Luigi signed on with Maserati

Sergio and Camilo Hug It Out

Sergio Garcia and Camilo Villegas hug at the 2008 Tour Championship after Villegas beat Garcia in a playoff for the title.

Luxury Hotels For Your Algarve Golfing Holiday

For thousands of years this part of Portugal has been occupied by settlers. These days the population grows to a huge number during the summer months as holiday makers cannot get enough of the regions natural beauty and gorgeous sandy beaches.

Fast Pitch Softball Hitting Drills

Becoming a dangerous hitter at the plate in softball does not come overnight. You have to practice and work hard at it just like most other things. That's why there exists a lot of softball hitting drills to boost a player's performance when it comes to batting. This article has several fa

Don't Misjudge a Horse When It Is Bumped Coming Out of the Gate

One of the toughest breaks or beats to take in horse racing is when your horse is bumped hard as it leaves the gate at the beginning of the race. When that happens, the horse often loses, despite showing so much form and promise. You may think that the runner has no heart and just one bump should no

Interview with Master Surf Instructor Lou Maresca - Part 2

Want to get a job as a surf instructor? You better check out my interview with master surf instructor Lou Maresca first. He has decades of experience in both surf instruction and surf school ownership and offers tips to be an effective surf teacher.

Dressage Riding - Using Correct Rein Contact

Horseback riding has grown as a long time favourite sport, and has just recently begun to become popular not just in the USA but all over the world, which is why using the correct rein contact is so important in riding. A rider's hands needs to guide, encourage - with a little give and take wit

I always panic when the pressure gets too much!

Does the above statement seem to ring a bell with you? Have you noticed that when you find yourself in a high pressure situation within your particular sport that your nerves get the better of ...

Portland Trail Blazers 2009-2010 Preview

The Portland Trailblazers were the NBA's darling team of the season in 08'-09'. The Blazers didn't have the playoff performance they were hoping for but will build off that and be a better team for it. The Blazers finished tied for the Northwest division at 54-28 with the Denver

What Are The Best Shoes For Running?

If you run on a frequent basis, be it as a serious runner or just for fun, a comfortable pair of shoes will make it easier for you. If you are wearing an appropriate pair ...

NFL Predictions - 2010 Carolina Panthers

After winning the NFC South divisions of the NFL in 2008-09, the Carolina Panthers finished with an 8-8 on NFL Picks in 2010-11, 3rd in the division. The Panther had high expectation coming into last season but quarterback Jake Delhomme had a less than spectacular season and that got him a one way t