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War and Peace Decided on the Seas?

The current global political climate continues to affect activities on the world's seas. Could war and peace be decided by a simple adherence to the United Nations Security Council's recent resolution against suspicious North Korean cargo ships?

It May Not Get Dumber Than This

Recently a boxer was the victim of an attempted robbery. Several people were involved in stopping the criminals. Boxer shows utter lack of respect by refusing to identify suspects due to being labeled a snitch. Lack of respect for people who helped out astounding.

Coping With a Disaster in Albany New York

Coping With a Disaster in Albany New York topics include: Understand Disaster Events, Recognize Signs of Disaster Related Stress, Easing Disaster-Related Stress, and Tips for Coping.

Human Weakness of Mind and Spirit

We are racing headlong to catastrophe of an unprecedented nature while humanity fails to change its course. Were we put here to bring this world to an end or to learn and become better beings who stand against the trend? Perhaps there is no way of answering such a conundrum as confusion reigns and r

How To Use Press Release To Boost Your Ranking & Traffic

Currently, there are several off-page techniques to boost your visibility and increase brand awareness. Like submitting articles, press release distribution to premium media outlets generates high quality backlinks.

Restrictions on females

This articles tries to wash away the misconception from the mind of masses that a women faces the treat from the outside world. The basic idea of writing this article is to reveal the fact that a woma

World Hunger, Are We Doing Enough?

Are we doing enough to end world hunger?Should we end it at all?When animals outnumber the food supply nature causes some to die of hunger.By preventing world hunger are we causing more problems down

Category Six and Cat VII Hurricanes Are They Possible?

After reviewing the 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane data, which was nothing less than tedious and time consuming, as there were teraflops of information. Many meteorologists were surprised to find errors.

Recycling and Reusing Unusual Items for Garage Sales

Every spring and early summer garage sales burst forth in full bloom, loaded with the junk other people want to purge their homes and garages of. Why not have a completely unique garage sale of recycled and reused items that you have personally transformed from unwanted clutter in your house. By rec

Here's Why the Market Tanked When Geithner Spoke!

Traders and investors alike have been waiting for Geithner's speech. However, what he ended up doing was opening up more questions than answers. Until we get some "light" as to which way this will all go, the markets will continue to be choppy and erratic.

Nasty Signs of Green Times

Ok, there's no need to admit it since even Jerry Seinfeld does it.I'm not talking sex or nose-picking but bathroom, umm, activities.Granted the subject is not your usual cocktail party chat fare and it's gross but, unfortunately, it's in the news. Overachieving songstress Sheryl

"your Chance To Dominate Affilate Marketing"

Every affiliate marketer is always looking for the successful market that gives the biggest paycheck. Sometimes they think it is a magic formula that is readily available for them. Actually, it is more complicated than that. It is just good marketing practices that have been proven over years of har

Why Does God Punish Me for the Good Deeds He Makes Me Do?

When I set out to do a good deed, God, for some reason, throws it back in my face, which is actually His face. And every time He lets me think it's the last time I'm going out of my way for someone, He makes me do something good again, only to throw the deed back in my face again.

Helpful Boiler Hints

There are some of us that reach a rather advanced age before we get a place with a boiler that we must maintain ourselves. This is due to a lot of us renting apartments, condominiums, and places of this type until we reach a point that we can financially afford to purchase our own domicile.

it Aint Worth Shit Oh Yes It Is !!

The 4,000 cows at the Ukrainian Milk Company Ltd. near Kiev are doing more than producing dairy products. Their dung is being used to produce energy at the country’s first biogas cogeneration plant.