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How to Do Zombie Makeup and Hair Easily

Zombies are always a popular look for Halloween, and the costume is appealing because you can make your zombie outfit look however you like. The makeup can be elaborate or very simple, and a costume can be as easy as ripping up some old clothes straight from your closet. Transform yourself into one

Homemade International Costumes

International costumes allow you to step outside of yourself simply by dressing up. If you and your friends each have a different, vibrant cultural heritage, consider swapping traditional clothes to use for Halloween costumes. You can also make a variety of international costumes using household goo

What to Put in a Baby's First Easter Basket

The idea of filling a baby's first Easter basket might seem daunting at first, but it can truly be a simple and enjoyable activity. Easter baskets do not have to contain the traditional jelly beans or other small candies that are no-nos for babies in order to be festive. It's all about thinking out

Party Supplies For a Halloween Party

Advice and tips on organizing a Halloween party for maximum fun and enjoyment. Quick tips for making your Halloween party extra special.

Dad's WWII POW Experience Shared This Father's Day

This is a brief summary of some of Dad's WWII experiences resulting from his being taken prisoner by Nazi soldiers in 1941. Dad and Mom immigrated to Milwaukee, WI in the U.S. in the early 1950's from post-WWII Europe.

Kid's Homemade Alien Costume

Give your child an out-of-this-world Halloween by creating a homemade alien costume. You can stick with the basics and make a traditional green martian, or let your imagination run wild and create an alien the likes of which has never been seen. Even if Halloween is still a long ways off, you can st

Spread Christmas Cheer With Custom Lapel Pins

It’s never too late to place your order for custom Christmas lapel pins.In fact, we take all of the guesswork out of the process by offering you numerous choices where customization is concerned.You get to select the style, size, shape, and colors of your custom Christmas pins.Even better, you

How to Dress Like Storm From the X-Men

Storm, born Ororo Munroe in Northern Africa, is best known as one of the prominent members of the Marvel superhero team the" X-Men." Storm was one of the first female African-American superheroes and one of the most well known of all time. Her abilities are deeply rooted in nature. She can control a