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Flynn, Rapunzel - 'Tangled

Pictures of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi) in Disney's Animated Film Rapunzel

Why Some Women Refuse to Talk About Politics

Many women tend to feel they don't know as much about political issues as others, and are uncomfortable expressing their opinions. Studies indicate that not only do women get social cues from other women about political decision-making, but seek validation for their own beliefs.

Glee - the Music - The Power of Madonna

Review of Glee - The Music - The Power of Madonna, recordings of music featured in the Glee episode The Power of Madonna. It features reworked versions of Madonna classics by the Cast of the TV show Glee.

3D Model Making

3D modeling is fun and exciting to do and is used in a variety of media and entertainment. 3D modeling can be very intimidating though, and might seem overwhelming to a beginner. Here are some steps t