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Apps On The iPhone 4

One of the things that changed the way we look at smartphones is apps. They have the ability to make our phones one of a kind, and they make our phone more to our liking. There are a number of phones that can make you run apps. Examples of these smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S, the HTC Desire,

The Nokia C6-01 is impressive in every way

The key feature of this particular handset is its expressive 3.2 inch AMOLED display screen, which provides outstanding quality imagery, due to the fact that the screen can display 16 million colours effectively. The screens ...

How to Sync Games in Palm Treo

Like other Palm-based devices, the Palm Treo is capable of synchronizing with a PC through a process known as Hotsyncing. Hotsync synchronizes the basic apps of the Palm device with Palm Desktop, the program for storing data on a PC. In addition, if you have games on the Treo that synchronize with o

Give A New And Stylish Look To Your Mp3 Player

If you are a music lover then you must have an mp3 player. If you do not have it then you must have a desire to experience quality music through mp3 player.It provides good quality music to your ears.

Mobile Phones With Free Gifts - Deals Which Please

Mobile phones with free gifts are phenomenal alternatives to the more staid ways of investing in portable device of communication. In addition, this deal is available on almost any model of phone of the users choice.

Sony Ericsson Idou worlds first 12MP camera phone

Sony Ericsson launched its 12.1 megapixel Idou at Mobile World Congress and it was the biggest hit. The Idou has only been showcased in black and is expected to hit the market Q3 of 2009. ...

How to Back Up Cell Phone Data

Maybe you are one of those people who is always losing their cell phone. Perhaps you just want to have your data on your computer in case you decide to upgrade. Whatever the case there are ways to back up cell phone data with the right tools.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Mobile Phone?

In most situations and by most standards, owning a mobile phone would be considered advantageous. Countless benefits exist in having the ability to communicate at any time in almost any place. However, there are many disadvantages to mobile phones that often get overlooked or dismissed and are overs

How to Unlock the QA30 for Alltel

Alltel phones function on a GSM network, which means your Motorola Hint QA30 must have a SIM card. The SIM card identifies you as a subscriber to a particular carrier network. It also locks you to that network. If you want to use your QA30 for Alltel, you must unlock your phone. Unlocking a QA30 for

Nokia 600 Price List 2012

Nokia mobile in India are credited for major breakthrough in the mobile phone technology and mobile phone market. We can find the Nokia mobile in India from the time GSM technology came in to existence. ...

How to Unlock I870 Motorola Phones

The Motorola i870 offers a compact phone that has an MP3 player, a 1.3 megapixel camera and video recorder, and Bluetooth all crammed into a compact clamshell phone. If you purchase it without a plan, it usually costs around $299, as of 2010. So what most people do is purchase the phone with a two-y

Have Phone Number, Need Name? Here is How to Match a Phone Number to a Person

There are various occasions when you have phone numbers with you, but you do not who these numbers belong to. You might need name of the owner, and are in the dark as to how to match a phone number to a person. There are some ways by which you can match a phone number to a person when you have a pho

How to Reset a CallPilot Administrator Password

For the busy executive, an automated receptionist service can be an easy way to reroute calls, deliver callers to the proper extension and take messages. The CallPilot automated receptionist service does just that. CallPilot integrates with a telephone system to electronically handle incoming calls

BlackBerry 9500 Storm: A blend of style and capability

The brand name of BlackBerry speaks volumes in the world of smart phones as the company has been delivering quality products for a long time now. The BlackBerry mobile phones come with various upgraded features ...

How to Play MP3s on a Palm Tungsten

If you're the owner of a Palm Tungsten phone, you're able to listen to music once you have finished talking or sending e-mails. The Tungsten comes with a RealPlayer MP3 player, which you can use as soon as you've transferred songs to the phone. With an expansion card, it is possible to put CD tracks

Philips C702 - A Detailed Discussion on Specification and Accessories

Philips is a company from Holland. It is basically engaged in the development of the electrical and electronic appliances. But now they are making the mobile phones as well. The Philips C702 is one of the mobile phone which has been developed by this company. In this article we are going to talk abo

HTC One X Deals - For the Next Generation

The HTC One X best deals are offered by many mobile network service providers but it is always advisable to choose the best deal among them and opt for it. The HTC One X is ...