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Can Plants Grow Under 24-hour Lights?

When using artificial lights to grow plants, it may seem like a good idea to let them have light 24 hours a day. The theory behind this is that plants need light to make their food, and if a little is good, a lot must be better. This isn't necessarily the case. Most plants require a period of darkne

How to Care for the Miniature Alberta Spruce

The dwarf Alberta spruce (Picea glauca "Conica") is native to some of the harshest North American land, stretching from parts of Alaska into Canada. Specifically, the dwarf Alberta spruce will only grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 2 through 7. This conifer is sensitive to pollu

Vegetable Plants & Trees

Create a garden loaded with vegetables and trees.Dougal Waters/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesVegetable plants and trees provide a bounty of food and add color to any landscape. Having both types of plants in your yard adds depth and variety to your garden or front yard landscape. No...

Pruning Oleanders

Oleander (Nerium oleander) rewards the gardener with colorful fragrant blooms and asks little in the way of maintenance in return. Pruning keeps oleander's size in control and removes dead, diseased and weak wood so the shrub can stay healthy. Wear gloves when pruning oleander, since the leaves and

How to Grow Lettuce All Year

Nothing tastes better than a salad picked fresh from your windowsill while the snow flies fast and furious outside. Planting mesclun, rocket and other cut-and-come-again greens can keep you in fresh greens year-round. By planting non-head types of lettuce, you can keep your lettuce growing in a flat

The Best Fig Trees for Central Texas

A variety of fig trees will thrive in Central Texas.figs image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.comFig trees have been a part of home gardens in Texas since Spanish settlers first came to the region. They grow well in most areas, with the hardier varieties doing better in the northern part...

Elegant Container Gardening Ideas

Elegant container gardens can add curb appeal to your home when placed on a front porch or walkway. Lovely container gardens are simple, can be assembled quickly and are not extremely expensive, especially if you use a mix of annuals (plants that usually live for one growing season only) and perenn

How to Grow Asparagus Plants

Asparagus is one of the first harvestable vegetables to emerge in the spring. Whether steamed and smothered with butter and spices, or eaten raw right out of the garden, asparagus is a nutritious treat. Because it is a perennial, once you establish an asparagus bed, the same plants will produce a ne

How to Troubleshoot Orchids

The orchid family, Orchidaceae, is possibly one of the most diverse groups of plants with more than 17,000 species divided among almost 800 genera. Some orchids grow in soil while others cling to tree limbs, keeping their roots exposed to air. Certain species store water for later use while others n

How to Care for Rabbit-Foot Ferns

Native to the Fiji Islands, rabbit's foot ferns get their name from the furry, creeping rhizomes that crawl across the soil. The feet look good hanging over the edge of a terra cotta pot, and the plant shows well in a moss-lined basket. This fern, with its airy fronds and finely cut foliage, needs m

How to Identify Wild Plants in California

Urban development, agribusiness and the introduction of invasive plant species threaten communities of wild plants in California. Considered wild because they weren't established by humans, native plants are useful in low-water gardening projects due to their adaptation to local climatic and soil co

Types of Leaves in Conifers

Coniferous trees are so named for the fact that they produce seed cones. This enormous group of plants contains trees found in every part of the world, according to the University of Hawaii. Conifers range from towering giants to creeping groundcovers. They are classified by their leaves, which are

How to Remove Nitrogen from the Soil

Excess nitrogen in the soil is a problem for many gardeners. Depending on the plant, it means fast green growth with little fruit production. This is not the desired outcome in a produce garden. In order to remove the excess nitrogen and get the garden back in balance, nitrogen-loving plants need to

How to Install Drip Irrigation in a Vegetable Garden

The difference between a regularly watered vegetable patch and an abandoned one becomes evident by harvest time. Vegetable gardens require frequent, evenly distributed watering, which makes them ideal candidates for drip irrigation systems. Vegetable gardeners can build their own drip irrigation sys

Ideas for Tall Tree Stumps

Even the most stately trees may require removal if damage or insects makes it a threat to your home. The tall tree stump left after tree removal takes a lot of effort to remove due to the strong roots holding it in the soil. Instead of pulling it up, use your leftover tree stump for decorative or fu

How do I Get Rid of Moss on a Tile Roof?

Till roofs, whether they be made of cement, terracotta or some other material, are susceptible to mold growth. This is especially true on areas of the roof that sit in the shade throughout most of the day. Regardless of the type of roof tile, the process for removing the moss is the same. While it m

Can Potatoes Be Grown Without Soil?

Many plants, including potatoes, can be grown without soil, as long as the necessary nutrients for growth are provided. Some potato varieties can produce high yields when grown without soil.

How to Correct a Grade for Rainwater Runoff

Rainwater can be a blessing or a nightmare if the grade of your lawn does not allow for proper drainage away from your home and absorption into surrounding areas. A proper grade can also deter soil erosion, which can expose a foundation, leading to serious problems such as basement flooding. Correc

Can I Graft a Cherry Tree With Any Apple Tree?

You cannot successfully graft a cherry to an apple tree except in very rare cases. Grafting plants of a different genus, such as cherry to apple, will create a weak graft that rarely, if ever, joins. Grafting works best when grafting trees of the same genus, but home gardeners can still graft differ

Growing Bamboo in Florida

Bamboo is valuable in the yard as a wind break or privacy screen, and can also be used for landscaping or as a potted plant. Whether grown in small clumps or huge forests, bamboo requires specific conditions in order to thrive. The warm humidity of Florida is ideal for bamboo during its summer growi