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How to Remove an Interior Door

Removing the interior of the door is one of the easier aspects of replacing your old door with a new one. Minimal tools are required in order to get the door off its hinge. Most interior doors are assembled with a simple pin-based hinge design. One part of the hinge is screwed into the door jamb and

How to Make a Storm Window From a Screen with Corner Pull Tabs

Storm windows are typically added or mounted to the outside of an existing window to reduce the amount of cold air getting into a house. However, you can make your own storm window from scratch by converting an old window screen into a storm window. Some screens are held in place with pull tabs in t

How to Fix Rust Holes in a Metal Roof

Rust forms when water-exposed iron reacts with oxygen. After rust forms, it can create holes in metal roofing - especially in areas where old paint has worn out. Knowing how to repair a rust hole will allow you to prolong the life of your roof and keep your home dry.

How to Intall Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are usually boards of wood veneer over a composite base, all fully finished and ready for installation. You can buy nail-down or glue-down laminate floors, but by far the easiest form of installation for the do-it-yourself homeowner is a laminate floating floor. The boards are edged

Things to Include in a Building Contract

Building contracts protect the contractor and the owner.Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty ImagesA building contractor produces a building contract to define the scope of the project. This document should include everything from the estimate of costs and labor to the project completion schedule....

How to Finish Butcher Blocks

Butcher block surfaces require finishing to keep food odors from absorbing into the wood. The wood's porous surface can absorb smells and liquids, leaving a pungent odor. Over time, the butcher block may crack as soap dries the surface from washing. Finishing the butcher block involves using an oil

The Advantages of Steel-Frame Mobile Homes

Although wood has been the standard material for framing in residential construction, steel continues to grow in use. According to the LSU AgCenter Web site, about 4 percent of newly built homes in the U.S. now use lightweight steel framing that meets government codes for strength. Using steel to fr

Roofing Calculations

Roofing calculations are crucial in the planning phase to determine the correct amount of materials to order. A two-person team makes the measuring process easier, especially if you take the measurements from the roof. The layout of the roof affects the calculation process. A basic roof with two rec

How to Seal the Edge of a Roof

An unsealed roof can allow your home to be damaged. Water can easily break through the barrier of the roof when it is unprotected and cost you money in the long run. Once you have identified a loose shingle on the edge of your roof, it is best to attend to it immediately in order to mitigate any pot

How to Make an Oriental Desk

The Orient brings to mind thoughts of spices, silks, jade, and an artistic style found in Eastern Asian cultures. Connect with the beauty of Oriental art by making an Oriental-themed desk as a craft project with children. Use non-specialty items like cardboard, hot glue and paint. Teach about art in

Cappuccino Ideas for the Kitchen

Cappuccino is more than just a great drink; it's also a great design theme for kitchens.Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty ImagesIf you are a cappuccino lover seeking to incorporate cappuccino into a kitchen design, there are many options. Although your high-tech cappuccino maker may serve...

How Do Soils Affect Your Home's Foundation?

Soil can affect your home's foundation in many ways. Three of the most common ways are moisture, frost heave and settling of the soil under the foundation. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, one quarter of all homes built in the United States have suffered damage that can be linke

How to Prevent Termites Naturally

If you have a home built with wood or wood structures on your property, chances are you have termites. Try these nontoxic ways to prevent those destructive pests from eating you out of house and home.

The Disadvantages of Porcelain Tile Vs. Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile is glass-like due to the high temperatures, silica and white clay used during the manufacturing process. Ceramic tiles are considerably less dense; they are made of clay, fired at less-extreme temperatures and have a heavy glaze surface or none at all. There are several disadvantages

DIY Moving Company

People often choose a do-it-yourself moving company for their short or long distance moves. One reason is to save some money. DIY moving companies charge less than full service moving companies because you do some or all of the work. Another reason is to better protect one's belongings. Nobody will

How to Replace Warped Hardwood Floorboards

Replacing a warped hardwood floorboard is a simple project any homeowner can carry off with little more needed than a replacement floorboard, a few tools and the knowledge of how floorboards are laid. Depending on how large the warped board is, the replacement can be done in under an hour, leaving y

Do I Need to Grout Marble Tile?

Marble tiles can be elegant and polished or tumbled and rustic in style. Regardless of its finish, marble is often regarded as a naturally beautiful material with a character and style of its own. While some homeowners believe the addition of grout joints or grout lines to marble tile detracts from

The Best Tools for Sanding Kitchen Cabinets

There's literally a right way and a wrong way to sand cabinets. Sanding the wrong way will leave scratches in the wood and result in an unattractive stain job later. Sanding the right way ensures smooth wood, free from any previous finish and without a single scratch. When you are planning on refini

How to Buy a Host Carpet Extractor

A carpet extractor is a very important appliance for many homeowners, particularly if there are pets or people with allergies in the household. These machines are also known as carpet cleaners or steam cleaners. The Host carpet extractor is unique because it actually uses dry cleaning technology to

How to Calculate the Square Footage of a Metal Roof

Measuring the surface of a roof -- whether metal, tile or thatch -- requires a similar approach. Gain safe access to the roof, be aware of dangers working above the ground and measure accurately. The square footage of a metal roof is simply its surface area measured in square feet, so the measuring