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Servis Fridge Freezer - The Best Choice in the Market

Servis fridge freezer definitely rings a bell being one of the most talked about in households when it comes to first rate quality refrigerators. Although Servis was first known as a manufacturer of washing machines, the company's ability in coming up with excellent ideas for their products has

New Lighting Standards For Saving Energy

California uses a huge amount of energy, with peak demand growing every year. It's no surprise that they have what many consider the strictest energy code in the country - Title 24, Part 6, of the California Code of Regulations - which was updated for 2005 with even tighter mandatory requiremen

Fireplaces That Use Gel Fuel

Fireplaces that use gel fuel can be great alternatives to electric fireplaces and traditional fireplaces. They can help create a pleasant atmosphere in any living room. Nevertheless, it's good to keep in mind that gel fuel fireplaces also have several drawbacks. Prices for gel fuel fireplaces vary,

How LCD, Plasma, LED and CRT Can Improve Your Entertainment Experience

Upgrading the old tube for a new, more suitable source of entertainment? Choosing the television that sits within your living room is an important moment and one that will effect the future of your favourite shows, cartoons and video-games with the kids. Here's how to do it right...

A Guide to Heating & Air Conditioning

Centuries ago, generations would huddle around a central kitchen fire to keep warm, and simply open a window if it became too hot. How times have changed. Today, sophisticated systems exist for heating and cooling the homes in which we live.

How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Water Heater

Whirlpool manufactures a line of water heaters that are sold exclusively at a well-known chain of home improvement stores. Warranty coverage varies with each model, but the length of the warranties range from six to 12 years. If the warranty has expired, troubleshoot the water heater to determine th

Are Freezers in a Garage Safe?

Choosing the correct location for your upright or chest freezer is important for it to maintain the necessary food preserving temperatures. You may want to store the freezer outside of the kitchen to save space; whether your garage is a suitable location will depend on your home, its location and th

The Benefits of Using Natural Gas Appliances

If you have always used electrical appliances, you most likely do not know what a great job natural gas can do. Whether you need a stove or a dryer, there are options available.

What Are the Causes of a Washing Machine Being Off-Balance?

Chances are you will know your washing machine is unbalanced by the horrific noise it makes. The violent shaking may even cause your machine to walk across the floor. Some washing machines are designed to automatically shutoff in the event of an unbalanced load. However, if your machine continues to

Compare Gas and Electric Dryers

Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to use, as they make up about 6 percent of your home's electricity costs, according to The average clothes dryer will cost you about $1,530 over its estimated lifespan of 18 years. Choosing the right dryer for your needs can be tri

Electric Under Floor Heating: Warmth That You Will Savour

So, you want to spend a comfortable and warm winter with your family at home. Well, winter is such a time that it entices you to get all your family members together and spend the evenings in the warm comforts of your house, sipping coffee and telling stories or just talking.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a dishwasher? There is often a need for a dishwasher buying guide. But, do you need a 100 page technical book, or a practical article that helps you buy the appliance that you need?

How to Reinstall a Whirlpool RX368LXKT Oven Door

The Whirlpool RX368LXKT is a self-cleaning electric oven designed for use in residential settings. Removing the oven door allows easier access to the interior oven for cleaning and servicing. When the oven door is removed, door removal pins are inserted into the hinges. Whirlpool also recommends rem

How to Childproof Your Refrigerator

As curious babies and toddlers become more mobile, they tend to explore even forbidden areas of the home. The refrigerator is an especially dangerous location for young children, as they can suffocate when trapped inside. Other dangers in the refrigerator include raw meats and eggs, alcohol, medicat

How Can I Vacuum My Pool With a Garden Hose?

Traditional pool vacuums hook up to the pool filter system to suck leaves and other debris off the floor of the pool. If your pool does not have a filter system, or you simply want an alternative vacuuming method, you can use a garden hose pool vacuum. These vacuums feature large vacuum bags, and th