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Description of the Habits of Blue Green Algae

Blue green algae are responsible for the creation of oxygen in our atmosphere. Fossil records show that blue green algae existed more than 3.5 million years ago, making them one of the oldest known fossils. Today, blue green algae are found across the globe in a variety of aquatic habitats. Although

How to Carry RC Planes

Getting your RC plane from your vehicle to the flying field is just one of the many steps towards getting it airborne. If you don’t know how to carry your RC plane, you may run the risk of putting it out of commission long before your flight begins. Knowing how to carry the plane helps to prev

Borax for Ticks on a Lawn

Your yard is home to an entire ecology of insects. Most of these insects will spend their lives avoiding you and your pets. Others, including mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, will seek you out as a source of food. Of these parasites, both fleas and ticks are vulnerable to borax, a naturally occurring sa

What Are the Relative Densities of Gas, Oil & Water?

Relative density is also referred to as specific gravity. The reason relative density is referred to as "relative" is because a comparison is being made of one substance to another substance. The relative densities of various materials can be compared to different things. For example, the relative d

How Is Chemical Weathering Caused by Wind?

Nature's variable seasons and forces exert a considerable impact on soil environments and rock formations. As winds work to move particles and sediment about, settled debris can contribute to changes in the chemical composition of an environment. In effect, chemical and mechanical weathering forces

Endangered Animals in the Midwest

Freshwater mussels are endangered in the United States Midwest.pot of mussels image by green308 from Fotolia.comWhen the total population of an animal species becomes so low that a danger of extinction exists, that animal is placed on the endangered species list. Reasons why a species...

How to Build a Half Hull Model

In the mid-1840s, it was common for clipper ship builders to first make a model of a proposed design. These often were simple half hull models used to show a ship's sheer, or shape under water. The clipper ships have come and gone, but the popularity of the half hull model has remained. The original

What 3 Things Does a Chemical Equation Indicate About a Chemical Reaction?

A chemical reaction is what occurs when reactants (elements or compounds) come in contact with each other -- the bonds that held the reactants together are broken and the atoms reorganize to form different bonds to make new products. A chemical equation is a written form of the chemical reaction. A

How to Make a Lava Light

Making a homemade lava light is easy and takes no time. If you're looking for a cheap science experiment, making a lava light is a good way to go. The items you need for this experiment are likely in your own home. This experiment will give you an idea about how manufactured lava lamps work.

Four Different Weather Instruments

Weather measuring instruments can run the gamut, from simple outdoor thermometers to the more complex wireless multifunction devices. But there are basically two types: analog and digital. Analog instruments--except for the familiar "bulb" thermometers--often look like clock dials....

The Best Ways to Earn Experience in DragonFable

In "DragonFable," there are many ways to gain experience, but some are more efficient than others. If you want to level up your character as quickly as possible, there are a few tricks that are built into the game -- no cheating required -- that will take you to maximum level in no time.

How to Check NAT Settings on a PlayStation 3 & Linksys

NAT stands for "Network Address Translation." If you have multiple Internet devices connected to a single router, NAT will allow online servers to contact each of them using a single IP address. The router will then properly handle and assign the traffic to each individual device. If your NAT settin

How to Make String Designs

String serves many functions, from a tool in the garage to a kitchen implement to a craft supply. Soaked in fabric stiffener and wrapped around nails, string can be formed into nearly any shape or design. Making string designs is a kid-appropriate project that requires few supplies.

How to Make Papercraft Gift Boxes

Personalize a birthday or Christmas present with a homemade paper gift box. An easy craft, paper gift boxes can be used to store jewelry and keepsakes. Try this craft with the kids and allow them to decorate the box afterwards with pictures. They'll have their own place to put their crayons or littl

Endangered Rainforest Animals

The gorilla is just one of many endangered rainforest species.gorilla image by Lucy Clark from Fotolia.comThough rainforests are home to more than half of the world’s animal and plant species, deforestation and urban development are placing a large number of these species at serious...

Dunk Tank Safety

Dunk tanks are a popular attraction at parties, carnivals and fundraisers. They consist of a seat suspended above a tank of water and a trigger to make the seat release. When the person on the seat falls into the water it creates a big splash and a lot of laughs. Dunk tanks can be fun but can also b

What Is the Hourly Wage for Carpentry?

Carpenters go against the grain – or, indeed, with it, depending on the wood with which they are working. They fabricate and install wooden components in buildings, such as partitions, joists, door frames and flooring, as well as building wooden furniture and fittings. They use a variety of ha

The Kangaroo's Natural Habitat

The kangaroo is the largest marsupial endemic to the continent of Australia. A member of the taxonomic classification Macropodidae, it is the national symbol of Australia, its likeness appearing on the country's coat of arms. There are several species, including the red, the eastern and western grey

Instruction for Making a Wire Coin Bezel

If you want to hang a coin from a necklace as a pendant but can't find a bezel the coin will fit into, you can make one out of wire. A bezel is a component that holds the coin and also has a loop at the top so you can attach it to a chain. With a few simple materials and the right tools, you can eas