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Easy Cucumber Trellis

Cucumbers come in two types: a bush type that does not require trellising and a vine type that requires trellising to remain healthy. Trellises take many forms, but the general characteristic of a cucumber trellis is a frame with some form of mesh inside.

Top 5 Perennials for your Garden

Every gardener wants to keep his garden green and lively. We all wish to make it look beautiful and serene. To keep the garden green throughout the year, you can plant many great perennials that ...

Types of Vaults

In the architecture world, arched structures can generate a projection, which is commonly known as a vault. Generally, they run in a horizontal direction. They can be seen anywhere from architecture built in ancient Egypt to architecture from the Gothic period in Europe. There are...

What Fertilizers to Buy for Indoor Plants

Due to removal from their natural environment, houseplants require special care in order to fully flourish. From the correct soil type to light exposure, watering and fertilization, cultivating healthy indoor plants requires creating the optimal conditions for each specimen. Fertilization proves esp

How to Care for a Climbing Shell Plant

The climbing shell plant--scientifically known as Vigna caracalla and commonly called snail vine--is a showy, fast-growing perennial vine that features heart-shaped, bright green leaves and shell-like flowers in pink, purple, yellow and white. It owes another of its common nicknames--the corkscrew v

Build a Cold Frame for Winter Gardening

A cold frame is an enclosed system that allows you to grow garden crops in winter. The cold frame can be a simple three- or four-sided structure build of scrap wooden boards or concrete blocks ...

Backyard Bog GardensHow To Build Your Own

The benefits of a water-based garden are numerous –from attracting wildlife, to providing an environment for different types of plants that you might otherwise not be able to accommodate, however, you may wish to build a pond in your garden and the presence of small children or animals does no

Gardening Magazines - A Good Friend

Even when the most experienced gardeners will have a question or two about their garden, you can be sure that the newbie will have plenty of them. They both know that they will find their answers in a good gardening magazine. A gardening magazine normally covers all the aspects of gardening and will

Insight On Buying Garden Fountains

Being able to pick the best option in a fountain can largely depend on personal preference, budget and goals. The type of space you plan to work with and in what manner will also factor into things."/

Fun With Garden Stakes

Transform your garden onto a gallery of stake sculpture! Garden stakes can add a special touch of color and whimsy to any garden area. Almost anything can become a garden stake. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from.

How to Make a Trellis Out of Broken Tree Limbs

Recycling broken tree limbs to make a trellis creates a rustic, outdoorsy look. The trellis is upright, standing in a simple rectangle design that can hold lightweight, rambling plants like clematis, ivy, beans and honeysuckle. A tree-limb trellis is easy to build and can be customized to fit the lo

Gardening Facts About Roses

Did you know that roses can be pruned almost all year round avoiding the frosts? Obviously to ensure they remain healthy and can flower almost all year round adding that wonderful color and smell to your garden.

Are Mosses Vascular Plants?

The earliest plants developed from aquatic plants and had no need of vascular tissue to conduct water throughout the plant. As a result, these early plants inhabited environments with abundant moisture.

Plants And Your Soil.

The purpose of your soil in your garden is growing plants. You might wish to be utterly predictable, with turf grasses forming a central lawn which is edged with borders and spotted with flower beds.

How to Build Free Standing Steps

Free-standing steps are helpful for reaching a height that is not easily accessible from standing on a flat surface. This style of steps is preferred over a stepladder because it provides the user a more secure and balanced stepping surface. Creating a set of free-standing steps requires a few quick

Building the Perfect Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables is a satisfying project for the whole family. Vegetables grown at home generally taste better, cost less and are fresher than their grocery store counterparts. Before you start your garden, do some careful planning. Consider your goals in creating a garden. Perhaps you wa