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Get Him Back - Love is Sweeter The Second Time

Winning back your ex-boyfriend can be a daunting task. You must dispose of sufficient courage, patience, time and understanding to cope with the pressures associated with the registration of a relationship. It is even more ...

Courage to Love - Is Ill-Health Healthy?

I was intrigued with a question for him that had been somewhere in the back of my mind since the start of the meeting. When we'd shaken hands and done the usual formalities of "how are you?" he'd responded with, "ahh it's hay fever season" smiled and sat down to wo

Love Is In The Air

I got a beautiful message on my mobile. The message stated that 'I want to go back to the time when getting high' meant on a bike, drinking was related to apple juice and dad was the hero of all times. Love was regarded as a hug from mom, only toys could be broken and goodbyes meant till t

The Reason People Need Relationships

The good thing about close knit ties within a certain couple, friends, and organization or even groups is how relationship is managed between them. Good relationships creates an atmosphere of a happy companionship, while a bad relationships results to a disarray of no proper balance between them. We

Preparing for Your Wedding: From Start to Finish

For the most efficiency and least amount of stress, wedding planning must be done ahead and properly. Planning ahead saves you and your betrothed time and money because it can prevent miscommunications that lead to ...

Sending Flowers To Men Is Becoming More Fashionable

A recent survey has revealed that men love to get flowers almost as much as women do, but their masculine nature prevents them from admitting this. After all they are human beings too, with the same feelings as women who want to be appreciated and reassured at some time that they are loved by the on

How to Emotionally Stay Away From Your Ex-Husband For Good

For some women, picking up the pieces after a divorce is not really a challenge. Emotionally staying away from their ex-husband is the real problem. To brim with confidence or self-esteem is impossible if you are still attached to your ex.

How to Ask My Boyfriend to Marry Me

If you find yourself waiting for a marriage proposal, take the initiative and ask him yourself. It's the 21st century, and although some traditionalists are taken aback by female proposals, there's no reason you can't ask your man to marry you. After all, a marriage should be an equal partnership. A

What is Intimate Love - The Naked Truth

Physical attraction and closeness is just one aspect of true love. The matching frequencies of corresponding waves of energy emitting from male and female bodies initiate the process of love.