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Drum Stick Spinning Techniques

We've all seen the rock star drummers do it. In the middle of a song, the drummer begins spinning the drum sticks like some kind of magic. The drummer may even get fancy and begin tossing the drum stick in the middle of the act. Drum stick spinning is actually quite easy to learn and master. It's al

Ways to Train Your Voice to Sing Better

The human voice is the oldest music-making instrument. No matter what your natural ability is, there is always room for improvement. Even Broadway masters, like Audra McDonald, study with a vocal coach. Singing lessons can be costly but are essential for anyone who wants to improve the quality of he

Are Festivals a Cheaper Way to See Bands?

The live music scene seems to be thriving right now here in the UK, but it seems that prices have been increasing too. Going to see your favourite band playing a live gig used to be relatively inexpensive, but this is rarely the case now.

The Music of Old Genre and The Melody of Today

Old rap of fifties, sixties and seventies is still alive and well. Many rap artists use an old melody for their background while the rappers sing lyrics over the old song which is called sampling. ...

Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek was a leading force in progressive bluegrass until they split in 2007. They reunited in 2013 ... Learn more about Nicekl Creek.

Blind Lemon Jefferson Profile

Profile of Texas blues legend Blind Lemon Jefferson, friend of folk-blues giant Leadbelly and influential blues musician.

Question And Answers - Stability Check List

Here are the questions to ask yourself in every song you write. First ask yourself what is the message you want to communicate with the listener emotionally. Use this as a check list to understand where your song is stable and unstable and if it matches what you intend.

How To Get Your First Harmonica Lessons Right?

The musical instrument of harmonica is known for its country notes and if you are excited to know how this wonderful instrument works and if you are planning to take up your first lessons in this instrument, here are some tips that can be of great help to you in ensuring a successful learning Purcha

How to Tell an Ebony Violin

Ebony is a dense wood with slight variations in color. Most ebony is black with lighter streaks, but it can also have a dark chocolate brown color. It is very heavy, and for this reason is used for the fingerboard of a violin. Often manufacturers will make a violin that appears to be fitted with gen

Things To Take Into Account In Your Rehearsal Studio Perth

If you have your own band, it is only common that you are seeking a place which you can rent as a rehearsal space. However, if you do not have the budget for it, it is possible for you to make do with your garage or your own room.

American Idol Tour is Wowing Fans

The American Idol television show has kicked off it's annual tour.New American Idol Kris Allen and runner-up Adam Lambert are the show's headliners, thrilling their fans with versions of pop-rock hits and soulful ballads.

How to Sell Beats

So you're a tune producer with a directory broad of beats. You know your beats are fire piquant and you believe you can create more or less money rancid them. You can create beats in ...

How to Give a Baritone Horn a Bath

Proper instrument maintenance is an important part of any musician's responsibilities. Brass instruments must be cleaned frequently in order to counteract the effects of gunk buildup from oil, grease and contact with warm moisture and mouth germs. With a baritone horn (euphonium), a thorough cleanin

How to Tune a Greek Bouzouki With a Guitar

The bouzouki is a narrow-necked, eight-string instrument from the lute family. The bouzouki has a variety of modern forms and has been adapted to function in modern Greek music and Irish folk music. The Greek bouzouki has two tuning variants: C tuning, from low to high is C, C, F, F, A, A, D and D;

Drum Set Up Instructions

Setting up your drum kit correctly is important for your playing. The correct drum set up should make the drums comfortable and easy to play. An incorrect drum set up can lead to the drums falling over or physical discomfort while you play. To increase the likelihood of a good drum setup, make sure

If I Learn to Play the Guitar Will I Get More Dates With Girls?

When you think of a rock god stood centre stage in front of thousands of fans, you just wonder what's going through his mind as he scans the first few rows of the crowd looking at all the hottest girls. Is it true he could click his fingers and get any of them? It doesn't even matter that