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How to Upload a Route Into Navman

Navman is an Australian based company that manufactures GPS tracking and navigation devices. Navman makes auto navigation, marine navigation and vehicle tracking devices. You can upload routes into certain Navman navigational devices . In order to create a route you must know how to insert waypoints

Types of Magnetic Tape

Initial research and development of magnetic tape technology was audio-focusedcassette image by Shawn Stallard from Fotolia.comGerman inventor Fritz Pfleumer patented Magnetic tape in 1928. Specifically, the patent was for the placement of magnetic powders on strips of paper or film,...

How to Fix a TV Screen That Has a Double Picture

Projection television monitors may display a double picture along the vertical or horizontal. TV repair experts may charge hefty fees for fixing this problem, but most users can fix it themselves by adjusting the television monitor's convergence. To maintain a good picture, users should adjust the c

Training on Telephone Systems

Telephone systems are primarily comprised of individual telephone units and a network of call management equipment and applications. For landline telephones, the call management network is administered through public or private switching systems. Cellular telephone networks are generally managed vi

How to Replace a DirecTV Receiver With an HD DVR

Upgrade your DirecTV equipment with the latest HD DVR receiver to enjoy high-definition satellite content and record your favorite shows right from the comfort of your couch. Replace your standard receiver with the HD DVR to unlock the advanced features available for your satellite service. The new

Bell ExpressVu Transponder Problems

Bell ExpressVu, also known as Bell TV, a Canadian satellite television service, was founded in 1997. Bell currently provides over 500 digital channels and 100 HD channels to 1.8 million subscribers in Canada. Despite its popularity, Bell TV sometimes suffers from transponder issues.

New DVD Releases

Let's take a look at this week's new movies on video and DVD, along with a few additional releases of interest, and take a sneak peek at next week's movies on video/DVD.

Shot Tips for a Sony Digital Camera

You do not need to be a professional photographer to take great pictures. With a few basic tips and the right camera, you can take superb photos in any condition. Sony is a large manufacturer of an assortment of electrical goods. It produces a number of digital cameras, marketed at both...

Interesting Facts About Smokeless Cigarettes

Never before has there been any other kind of product launched in the market with unique features comparable to those of the smokeless cigarettes. Smokers cam now smile all the way to buy E Cigarettes ...

How to Put Ringtones on a Cingular Motorola Razr

Motorola cell phones, such as the RAZR V3 model, are compatible with the Cingular cellular service provider, which has since changed names to AT&T Wireless. The original ringtones stored in the RAZR phone may not match your tastes, which is why the phone includes an option to store new ringtones. In

What the future hold for TV

TV is no longer defined as something you view by subscribing to cable or satellite service or with an antenna and watching it on a box. Today TV shows can be streamed onto television sets ...

Buy best mobile phones in India with Online Shopping

Many of the companies do partnership with these online mobile store and offer cheap and affordable mobile phone deals to the customers. Many Online Mobile Stores have been available to make things eas

Why Cross Platform Gaming is Important?

It is very simple to spot a modern casual mobile player in your living-room or in television or while on the go. However the major catch of the game is reaching to maximum possible audience in the ent

How to Unlock Dish Network Receiver 322

The Dish Network is a satellite television service provider similar to DirecTV. In order to receive Dish Network programming onto your television set, you need to have a receiver that is responsible for translating the Dish Network signal into something your television can work with. The 322 Dish Ne

How Do I Know My Flip Is Charging?

Flips are HD video cameras that allow you to capture footage on the go. They include models such as the UltraHD and the SlideHD. Flip video cameras shoot in 720p HD and at 30 or 60fps. Models such as the MinoHD and SlideHD use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. If your batteries are running low on