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Registry Repair - Cleaning Up Your PC

This article talks about the importance of the computer registry. What it does and what effect a poorly maintained registry can have on a computer's performance.

How to Change Word Document Settings to Straight Quotation Marks

Microsoft Word has come a long way from its derivative typewriter, but hidden away on a menu of options are a few typographical symbols that are still available. Although by default Word inserts curly quotes, also known as curved or fancy quotation marks, into your typing, you can manually override

How to Set Input Levels on an ION Turntable in Audacity

Recording audio from an ION turntable into Audacity allows you to digitize your favorite vinyl record content. You may need to adjust the ION turntable's input level for recording into Audacity if it is not ideal for the recording as is. Once you have played the ION turntable's content to test its a


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The New Features in Adobe Illustrator CS5

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is the newest in the Adobe Illustrator line. The previous version offered many great features but what does the CS5 bring to the table? Let's take a look at some of the new features in Adobe's graphic and illustration program.

How to Copy Cassette Tapes to a Computer in Audacity

Audacity software allows you to record sound from an external source or edit sound files already stored your computer. Recording old cassette tapes to Audacity and saving them (once set up) is a relatively straightforward process.

How to Send a Large File to Another Computer on the Internet

Before the dawn of the Internet, transferring files between computers entailed copying them from the first computer onto removable media -- a floppy disk, for example -- inserting it into the second computer, and copying the file onto the second computer's hard drive. These days, it's possible to se


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What's New in Quicken 2013

Quicken 2013 introduces very flexible budgeting tools and a mobile app for Android and iPhone, and comes in five versions with specific features in each of them. Learn which version of Quicken 2013 will work best for managing your money.

How to Make an Existing PDF Fillable

Adobe Acrobat allows users to create fillable forms in PDFs. This is very useful for creating documents such as applications, surveys or questionnaires. There are different types of fillable form fields that may be inserted into a PDF document. Text fields allow users to type text into a designated

Various Efficiencies Of Drupal

The incomparable advantages provided by Drupal an open source content management system which makes it the most sought after CMS amongst all others available.

Do you need to flip one image?

Fall brings brightly colored leaves, cooler weather and Halloween parties! Here's a quick way to make your own invitations. The layout used for these invitations is easily used for thank you notes or invitations to any event, as well as for note cards. They fit two to a letter size page, and us

How to Merge Images in Adobe Photoshop

If you enjoy the crafty hobbies of scrapbooking and collage but hate the gluey, papery mess or don't like destroying your photographs, try out the electronic version by merging your photos in Photoshop. Photoshop, the graphics software sold as part of the Adobe Creative Suite, offers a variety of wa

Fix Search Function Not Working In Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003 is enhanced version with many functionalities. If you have too many emails, you can view them easily by placing the email related search query in search box and navigate through all emails including ...

How to Rip a New DVD to My CPU

In today's digital environment, it's not always practical to carry around physical DVDs for viewing. In fact, many portable devices don't have DVD-ROM drives available for playing traditional DVDs at all. So, to combat this problem, many people have resorted to ripping their DVD collection into an e

How to Draw a Wolf's Eye on Adobe Photoshop CS5

Make a wolf's eye in Photoshop CS5 by shaping, arranging and coloring ellipses made with the "Ellipse" tool. Other key tools in this project are those for manipulating paths, which are vector curves that let you create shapes smoothed with mathematical precision. As you shape the ellipses

How to Convert Xdcam Ex Mov to MP4

The Sony XDCam Ex allows for both standard- and high-definition video capture, recording its clips onto memory cards that come with 8, 16, or 32 Gbs of storage room. Converting your XDCam Ex MOV footage to MP4 requires that you first import your videos via your USB cable into an editing program. Not