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How to Fix Some of the Most Common Printer Problems?

Printers love them or hate them we can not really exist without them these days however paperless we try to be. Trying to solve printer problems ourselves before we either give up completely or pay ...

Lenovo C305 Specifications

The Lenovo C305--also called Lenovo Essential C305--is an all-in-one desktop PC, designed for the Windows 7 operating system. Its CPU and disk drives are located behind the monitor screen, which makes it ideal where space is at a premium. This model was officially introduced in 2009 and is officiall

How to Place a Player Entity in GTK Radiant

One of the most overlooked issues in designing a virtual environment is player placement and level flow. The entire game play of a map or level can change depending on spawn points and entity placement. This is always something that should be taken into account, and is very rarely considered. Fortun

How to Unblock People on My Year Book

If you find a user on the My Year Book social networking site -- officially spelled as one word, "MyYearbook" -- that annoys or offends you for whatever reason, you may want to add him to your "Blocked" list to prevent him from contacting you. If you later decide that you want to remove the user fro

Laptop Keyboard Light - A Useful Gadget for the Travelers

One of the most useful gadgets to have around is a laptop keyboard light. This handy gadget allows users to perform their computing tasks comfortably even in a dark environment. They provide adequate illumination that allows users to see the different characters on laptop keyboards.

Brother 9700 Scanner Copier Fax Specifications

The Brother 9700 is a five-in-one monochrome laser device that functions as a printer, scanner, copier, traditional fax machine and computer fax machine. Designed for use in a small home office, the printer hosts a small, lightweight and space-saving design, and it can print documents from both a di

How to Compare Flash Drive Memory to a CD

Comparing flash drive memory to that of CDs involves examining storage amount, price and use. Both mediums have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs.

Specifications for Gateway 300S Desktop Computer

The Gateway 300S was a desktop PC that Gateway Inc. released in 2003, when it was an independent, standalone company. The 300S was designed and marketed as a budget computer for everyday users.

Previously Owned Catering Supplies - Find Equipment On The Web

If you are running a restaurant or catering company it truly is important that you take a look at diverse methods to cut down your charges. Looking all through the cost saving mechanisms can assist you to considerably minimize a whole lot of your expenditures. Buying tools that's used or second

How to Rip DVD Clips

If you have clips from a DVD that you would like to store on your computer or use in a video project, the first step is to get the DVD footage onto your computer. A bounty of free DVD-ripping programs that can complete this task can be found online, but most DVD-ripping programs rip the DVD as one b

What Is a Dual Layer Drive?

A dual-layer drive is any DVD drive that supports the dual-layer DVD format. Dual-layer drivers are found in computers, video game consoles and standalone DVD players. All DVD burners made today are dual-layer drives that can both read and burn dual-layer DVDs. All DVD players made today also contai

How to Convert a CD to a Single MP3

On some CDs, there are no gaps between the tracks -- the music is continuous. When ripping the CDs to your computer, this can sometimes cause a problem. Not all MP3 players can seamlessly transition between files, creating small gaps in the audio that can be annoying for some. One solution to this p

All You Need to Know About Internal Hard Drives

The data storage technology nowadays seems to evolve at a very fast pace. If you were to analyze the increase in storage capacity and data transfer rate over the last few years, you would notice that it has actually quadrupled.

How Do I Change My Sprint Aircard Access From 3G to 4G?

The Sprint SmartView application controls the connection between 3G and 4G networks and your computer. If you connect to the 3G network using a mobile broadband Aircard, you must manually adjust your network access to the 4G service to connect to it. A 4G network must be within service range of your

How to Share Sub Folders

Creating a local network can provide a lot of options to all members of that network. Aside from being able to share one internet connection, along with the different network capable devices attached to the computers, it is possible to share folders and files so that other network users can access t

How to Play Xvid on a DVD Rip

If you have a DVD movie on your hard drive and you'd like to watch the movie with an Xvid player, convert the movie to an AVI file with the Xvid codec. Some programs decrypt video from the disc and encode Xvid video at the same time. According to the Xvid Movies website, encoding with Xvid is faster

The Best Ways to Transfer Confidential Data to Clients

To determine the best practices to send confidential data to clients, three methods should be evaluated and matched to each specific need. These requirements---encryption, secure email and password protection---can provide the necessary security to send all but the most sensitive data. In many cases

How to Change the Toner for a HP Color Laserjet 2840

Color laserjet printers like the HP Color Laserjet 2840 provide superior quality output compared to inkjet printers, but only if the toner cartridges are cleaned, maintained and changed on a regular basis. Sensors inside the HP Color Laserjet 2840 are used to indicate when the toner level gets too l