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How to Make a Floral Basket

You can easily create a basket arrangement to brighten up your table or to give to someone you love. If you don't have the flowers you need in your own yard, look at garden centers, or even the grocery store, for the flowers and other floral supplies you may need. Look for flowers such as roses, lil

How to Make Personalized Beach Towels

One of the main staples of a day at the beach is a beach towel. Whether it's used to lay on the sand or dry off from a dip in the water, you can create a beach towel that portrays your own style. Customized beach towels also make great gifts for family and friends.

How to Clear an Asparagus Patch of Mosquitoes

Asparagus is a long-lived perennial plant that sports dainty, feathery foliage and delicate, edible stems. Unfortunately, the warm, moist growing conditions that foster healthy asparagus growth tends to draw unwelcome garden guests, such as mosquitoes. These bothersome creatures can make working in

How to Bead Swarovski Animals

Swarovski is a manufacturer of faceted crystal beads and other objects. Their products are used in everything from fine jewelry to crystal chandeliers, furniture to crafts. The very nice quality of these beads also makes them expensive. Beaders use Swarovski beads to make three-dimensional beaded an

How to Apply Polyacrylic and Avoid Bubbles

Many people think polyacrylic is just another name for polyurethane. It isn't. Polyacrylics differ from polyurethanes in that a polyacrylic is actually a water-based lacquer, rather than a varnish or urethane product.. One complaint about both polyacrylic and polyurethane products is that bubbles ap

How to Build a Wind Spinner

Wind spinners twirl with color, adding movement to the landscape. Initially used by farmers to signal changes in the weather, wind spinners have evolved into decorative accessories for the patio and garden. You can build your own metal wind spinner with craft foil and colorful glass beads. Craft sto

Can Cocoa Make Things Grow?

Cocoa mulch is one of many mulches available to the home gardener. It is made up of the hulls of cocoa leaf shells, a byproduct of chocolate manufacturing. Using the product in your garden has a number of benefits, including nutrient input to the soil which helps plants grow.

Materials Used for Weaving

The weaving of a willow basket resembles the weaving of a cloth.purple willow image by ril from Fotolia.comWeaving refers to making a cloth or other objects (e.g., willow baskets) by interlacing strands of material such as yarn. Hand weaving used to be much more popular before the...

Islamic Crafts for Kids

Kids can create crafts using arabesque designs.islamic border image by mahmoudmahdy from Fotolia.comTraditional Islamic art does not feature images of animals or humans. According to Salaam, living beings are considered part of God's realm and are generally taboo when it comes to Islamic...

How to Make a Mixtape Track

Making your own "mix-tape" is ideal for expressing your talent at singing and attracting the attention of music producers. Unlike the standard notion of mix-tapes, where an individual collects a variety of songs from different artists onto one cassette, mix-tape tracks are songs original songs perfo

How to Make a Washcloth Towel Cake Slice

Brides and party hostesses often look for interesting party favors for their guests. Make a novelty favor that can be used after the party. Present washcloth cake slices as an accompaniment to a towel cake centerpiece at a shower party. Give the no-calorie piece of cake to the wedding party members

How to Make a Revo Race Ready

Professional radio-controlled (RC) vehicle races operate under specific regulations and restrictions to ensure as fair a competition as possible. Your vehicle's physical appearance and electronic systems must meet the limitations set forth by the race administration. Learn how to make your Revo race

Halloween Masks for Kids to Make

Save some money and create one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes by helping your kids craft their own Halloween masks. These crafts serve as an outlet for creative expression, which children can display when they wear them. In addition, you can use these craft making activities as a way to keep your chil

How to Price Hand Embroidery

The delicate work of hand embroidery is an art form that many people have mastered. The tiny stitches made with a needle and embroidery floss, pearl cotton or knit croheen create patterns and texture on plain pieces of fabric. Determining a price per item for a hand-embroidered project is difficult

How to Create Pincushions

Pincushions may be stylish, whimsical or simply sensible. Create pincushions from felt or fabric stuffed with polyester fill. You can make them to resemble eggs or to fit into a small basket or elegant dish. Whether the pincushion is elegant or simple, it is still functional, and the process is the

DIY Claw Game

As with humans, play is an important component of a cat’s upbringing and daily life. Play can mimic wild impulses such as hunting or fighting, keep your cat well-groomed or simply stimulate your cat’s brain. Playing simple games that encourage your cat to playfully claw you or a game pro

How to Remove a CP Soap From the Mold

Cold process soaps utilize a caustic chemical called lye to rapidly heat the ingredients. Cold process soaps take longer to make, with setting times of over a month, but the final product has a rustic, homemade look that melt-and-pour soaps often lack.

What Kind of Adhesive Do You Use on Rubber Stair Treads?

Rubber stair treads provide traction for safe stepping from one riser to the next. Rubber is durable, it provides comfortable cushioning and it gives traction. You can use rubber stair treads on a variety of stair flooring surfaces including concrete, tile, wood and metal surfaces. Choosing the righ