24. Sell Second-Hand Kids Clothing

Children usually outgrow their clothes rather than wearing them
out. So many families have such clothing left around. You
collect it, paying nothing or as little as possible. Then you
resell it; you can do the selling by ads, handbills or through
your church or community groups.

25. Breed Tropical Fish

This requires only a moderate amount of space and a small
investment in equipment. Properly done, it needs only a small
amount of your time yet can make you a good profit. You can
obtain your beginning stock from the large wholesale dealers.
You can sell direct to consumers (the hobbyists) or to stores in
your area.

Hot Sources:

26. Make Plastic Engraved Signs

All you need is a simple-to-operate machine that engraves
lettering in various types onto sheets of plastic of many
colors, finishes and sizes. Perfect for signs for merchants,
banks, doctors, dentists, schools and colleges, private front
doors, and many other uses.

Hot Source:

27. Sell Christmas Trees

Seasonal, but if you have the time in the few weeks before
Christmas, can be a good money maker. Find a vacant storefront
or lot, or space inside a larger building, where people pass by.
But be sure to order a supply of trees enough in advance. And
if you own country land that is not being used, consider growing
the trees yourself. Your first crop can be ready in four years,
with steady crops from then on.

28. Open a Rubber Stamp Business

Manufacture them in your basement. The materials needed are
cheap. And the finished stamps can be sold to many people,
storeowners, offices, individuals. You can market them by mail
and through local merchants.

Hot Source: The machine and a financing plan to buy it are
available from: Rubber Stamp Division, 1512 Jarvis Ave., Chicago,
IL 60626

29. Camper's Equipment Rental Service

With urban living, the back-to-nature movement is growing and
camping is becoming very popular. Rent out tents, sleeping
bags, portable propane stoves, chairs, etc. Demand
identification from customers and reliable security (keeping one
of their credit cards is good).

30. Operate a Key-Safety Service

Each customer is sold a special tag to put on his or her key
ring. It says "Drop in any mailbox" and has the address of a
post office box that you rent (Don't use your home address for
the same reason your customers shouldn't have their home address
on their keys - dishonest people finding the keys will come
prowling around). You assign each customer's tag a code number
from a list that you keep. When someone's keys arrive at your
post office box, you return them to him, for another fee.

31. Be a Used Car Buying Consultant

With a knowledge of cars, plus the proper test equipment (for
checking the engine, transmission, brakes, font-end alignment,
and chassis), you go with your customer to check out the used
car he is thinking of buying. Advertise your service next to
the ads offering used cars for sale. After a while you will get
to know people in this field and you can pick up more money by
acting as a middleman in sales between private individuals.

32. Sell "Loss Leaders" for Profit

This may sound contradictory but it isn't. Supermarkets aren't
the only ones who use loss leaders. A good mail-order idea is
offering a cute item (worth much more) for $1 in women's
magazines, giving prompt delivery and including with it stuffers
(ads with order blanks) for half a dozen more expensive items.
The repeat business on the other items makes the $1 offer

33. Baby Items Rental Service

You rent everything needed for a baby's care - stroller,
playpen, high chair, etc. When the customer's baby outgrows
them you rent to the next couple. Of course, you must
advertise, and also send direct mail pieces to all couples with
new births (get their names from hospitals and newspapers and
list brokers).

34. Operate a "Give a Party" Service

You rent out everything needed for a party: tables, chairs,
punch bowls, table cloths, cutlery, and napkins. You can also
supply waitresses and bartenders, finding them through agencies
that supply temporary help such as Manpower. But if you can
find good workers yourself, you can save the agency fee and make
more money.

35. Operate a Miniature Slot Car Racing Track

In your basement (or wherever you can fit it) build a large and
elaborate miniature slot car racing track (with a least 6 or 8
slots). Local kids, and often adults, pay you by the hour to
race, using either your cars or theirs. To boost interest you
can hold monthly contests with trophies.

36. All-Service Service

You line up the specialists in fixing almost anything, and take
care of getting them customers by delivering handbills to homes
and placing ads in supermarkets and local papers. They pay you
5% of every job refer to them, which can soon add up.

37. Genealogy for People Who Want Roots

You seek out the records in public or university libraries,
county courthouses and elsewhere, as necessary, for a sliding
fee, depending on the size of family, difficulties in getting
information, geographic dispersion, and other factors.

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