Niche Marketing - How To Find Obsessive Niche Markets That Pump In Cash For You

Stop and consider for a moment how your business will take off if you're in that killer niche market with hungry customers.
Will your income double or even triple? This is a 'must do'.
Don't just jump into any market you 'think' will do well for you.
Finding obsessive niche markets is your first step to cashing in huge paychecks online.
Your first step in finding red hot niche markets is to list out some markets you're interested in.
This is just a list to get you started with.
Once your list is finished, you will be using some online tools and websites to find out if they are profitable (or not).
You'll definitely need to use a keyword research tool to get some idea of how many searches is done for your niche market on the search engines.
The one I use is Wordtracker and it has served many marketers well over the years.
Wordtracker is the best tool you'll find anywhere.
Next, go to an online bookstore.
The one I go to is Amazon, simply because it is the most visited bookstore online.
I will take a look at the best sellers list and see if any of the books match the topics I have listed, and also add in any new topics that might reap dividends for me.
The last step is to go to Google and do a search for all your niche market phrases.
If there are AdWords ads on the side of the page, it means the niche is profitable.
Keep an eye on the ads for a week, and see if the same ads remain.
If they do, it's probably because the ads are making money.
And these ads are operating in that particular niche market.
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