Local PPC Management

According to the Kelsey group, 60 percent of all internet searches are local.
Some estimates run as high as 75 percent.
But even if it were only 20 percent, that's still a lot of searches.
Tens of millions a day, at least.
Whatever the number is, local search is undoubtedly the most untapped opportunity in PPC management.
You want to sell weight loss plans, MP3 downloads, high definition TVs, or mortgages nationwide on Google? You can do it, but you'd better strap on your gladiator helmet and prepare for a fight.
But if you're an accountant, plumber, painter, repair shop, or podiatrist, it's an easy victory.
In most local markets, your internet competitors have no idea what they're doing.
This is also a great place to consult, setting up campaigns for neighboring businesses, because it's so underserved.
Think about it: Hundreds of local businesses in your city spend upwards of $1,000 a month just on Yellow Pages ads, so these people are already spending money! The Yellow Pages reps are also selling Internet Yellow Page listings, creating more awareness of online marketing.
But they're not selling Google ads on Yahoo.
Companies like Google are so busy dealing with existing opportunities, putting reps on the street to sell PPC to local businesses is a long way off at best.
(There are rumors of partnerships with Yellow Pages companies though.
) In categories where mail order is impossible and you have to get it locally, the clicks are cheap.
For example, rin Chicago, there are only six ads showing for the keyword "Brake Shop" and one of them is eBay.
Nickel clicks, anyone? Web savvy local advertisers are very rare, and this is not going to change any time soon.
Running a retail store and running an online store are two entirely different things.
So for local yokels, "In the land of the blind, the man with one eye gets to be king.
" If you can accept the fact that many keywords will only produce a few local clicks a month, the return on investment (ROI) on what you do get is extraordinary.
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