What Happens When You Promote Constantly and Repetitively?

If you're a lawyer and wondering how to do lawyer marketing or if you're a real estate agent wondering how to do real estate marketing, or if you're an Internet marketer wondering how to do Internet marketing " the list goes on " have you ever considered drip marketing?

Millions of small business owners and single proprietorships are adopting the strategies of drip marketing. It isn't another fancy strategy that was brewed from the walls and corridors of the country's top business schools; the fact is, it comes from the humble agricultural sector " and was drawn from the practice of €drip irrigation.€

Drip marketing is a form of direct marketing to potential customers by way of a series of promotional offers that are sent to them over a period of time; these customers having been identified as specific leads belonging to a special group. It differs from blitz marketing in that it is a slow but deliberate marketing effort that continues over a give timeframe.

Marketers have coined the phrase €law of 29€ which refers to the belief that you can't capture a customer until he has seen your message at least 29 times. It sounds like a far-fetched idea to us and we're not sure if it's actually been tested and measured.

What we do know is this: you need to win your customer not in one fell swoop, but in planned stages calling for new offers, new strategies, and consistent follow-ups. Whether you do that three times or twenty-nine times is not the point. The core of your marketing campaign is in the follow-up.

The experts had it down pat: the perfect timing is when your customer is ready to buy, NOT when you're ready to sell. This is the beauty of drip marketing. You may miss the opportunity the first or second time, but if you catch him at the right time during your third promotion, he will buy, even if he's out in a remote island vacationing with his family. Right in the middle of water skiing, it will hit him that he NOW needs your product. By putting your company name in front of him every month or every week, you make him remember you!

If you have a web site and you're thinking of a customer relationship management software to help you with your drip marketing (e-mails, newsletters, offers), consider Infusionsoft. Those who have purchased this software realized a return on their investment almost instantly. What it does? It takes your customer from day 1 and never leaves sight of him. That takes a marketing load off your back, because once programmed, Infusionsoft can take care of your customer until he becomes a loyal and repeat customer.

As Clate Mask so aptly summarized his whole marketing strategy, it entails:

· Surcharging your web site

· Filling the funnel (leads)

· Converting the funnel (turning leads into sales)

· Winning lifelong customers

· Selling online

· Flipping your funnel

· Collecting the cash

· Growing through partners

· Measuring and tweaking

How does the small business owner do all that? The answer: through Infusionsoft. The software that essentially promotes automated follow-up marketing. It will complement your drip marketing campaign and generate the results you've been dreaming of!
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