Five (5) Shoestring-Budget Marketing Strategies That Work and Two (2) That Probably Will

Marketing, particularly on the Internet is a challenge, especially when you're on a shoestring budget.
  Unfortunately, in today's economy a shoestring budget is what many companies, and particularly not-for-profit organizations must accept.
  Over the last year, I've invested considerable resources trying to establish and implement a brand, price point, marketing strategy.
  In this article, I'll convey five techniques that have proven to be effective, and two that promise to be effective.
Proven Technique 1: Social networking via Internet Radio shows.
The best networking results when you feel that you understand someone, they understand you, and both of you want to work together to accomplish a goal.
  Over the last two years, I have established useful relationships with several people who host Internet radio shows.
  The subject matter of the shows varies dramatically.
  One show focuses on poetry, one on implementing the Law of Attraction, and the last one provides insights into Internet marketing strategies.
  I participate in these shows regularly, and I know at least ten people that I regard as a friend.
  This, despite the fact that I've never met any of these people in person, and that does not matter.
  What do I mean by a friend? Here are three examples:
  • Sydney runs a talk show where people come to discuss a wide variety of inspirational subjects.
      Over the last two years, I've had the opportunity to run by my thoughts on a variety of books that I'm writing.
      She's always been supportive, and provided me with wonderful insights.
      I've incorporated one of the the phrases she used to describe the illustrations for my children's books into marketing material, and it hits home.
    She said, "it's delicious.
    "  Our marketing materials refer to the illustrations as "ice-cream parlor delicious.
    "  The phrase hits home because it's true.
  • Markus hosts a talk show about Internet Marketing Strategies.
      He's helped me to refine the copy that I use for several of my books, and he's provided some of the insights that I'll discuss in this article.
      We've communicated every week for over a year, and I feel as though I understand his ethics and ways of doing business better than some of the people that I work with in advertising agencies and marketing firms.
    When you speak with someone week after week, and value is exchanged, friendships develop.
  • Kat runs a talk show where we routinely discuss ways of implementing the Law of Attraction.
      The subjects we have discussed over the last year range from using Emotional Freedom Techniques to channeling energy to people who are in need (via a proxy so that it doesn't hurt the person who is providing the energy) to people who are on the show.
    The most amazing thing is that they tend to feel better.
      All of this is for free.
    Kat just wants to help.
      Off line, we've critiqued each other's marketing plans and we've refined each other's writing.
Proven Technique 2:  Press releases that convey  value - Okay, it's not high-tech, but a well-constructed press release that is accompanied by a media kit is a winner with the press.
  Of course, you have to distribute it in a way that does not scream junk mail.
  I've also found that following up in a personal way makes all of the difference.
Proven Technique 3: Locating experts who want to share their knowledge - By an expert I means someone who has done something that you want to do because they have done it, understands the pitfalls and is willing to share their experiences.
  Sometimes you pay for these experts.
  Other times you don't.
  One of the ways that I find them is to use a service that reporters read for leads.
  The experts read their communications because they want people to write about them.
I write an article that quotes the experts, they respond, and we begin to build a relationship.
  I've met many successful bloggers and authors with this technique, and I've learned from them as I wrote articles that provided publicity for them.
It's a win-win relationship.
Proven Technique 4: Writing quality content.
- I have several websites, and writing high-quality content for these websites, as well as writing quality content for articles like this always attracts visitors.
  If you attract enough visitors who are interested in your writing, it's just a matter of time before some of them want to be your customers or clients.
Proven Technique 5: Taking advantage of Google - Google's one of the most influential forces that relate to the Internet, world wide.
  I've made it point to learn about tools like Google's Wonder Wheel and how to optimize photographs.
Now, let's take a look at two promising techniques.
  I believe that these are proven for other people, and that they should work for me.
Promising Technique1: Implementing a Facebook Fan Page - It turns out that Facebook has about 16 million users.
  I'm in the process of creating a fan page that should work well for the simple reason that it will help non-profit organizations to raise funds, with zero risk.
  From my perspective, it's a win-win arrangement.
  I allow the people who visit my Facebook page to make $1 on a $2 sale and $3 on a $5 sale.
  They are paid immediately, and the upfront costs are just enough to cover our setup costs.
  We offer a 100% risk-free guarantee, and the amount of money that they invest is much less than they would spend buying beef and beer or candy for a typical fund raiser.
  Promising Technique1: Posting meaningful inforamtion on highly-trafficked message boards.
- This is going to take work, but it makes sense.
  By finding message boards and participating on them in the same way that I participate with the Internet Radio shows, I'll build rapport and people will want to help me promote my books and other products.
  There's one big plus with this--a signature file that is displayed with each post, inviting people to find out more about me.
I trust that you will find these tips and techniques helpful, and I make you this offer.
  If you're interested in more details on any of these techniques, please post a comment, and I'll respond.
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