How To Lead A Successful Network Marketing Downline

The biggest struggle most marketers face when trying to build a successful network marketing downline is leading a community of people to take action toward a common vision.
How do you get dozens, even hundreds or thousands of people with varying ideas, philosophies and resources all on the same page? Here are my top 3 Tips For Leading A Successful Network Marketing Downline 1.
Leading By Example
To become a great leader of a successful network marketing downline you must lead by example and help others get started in their new businesses.
This means doing yourself what you expect your downline to do.
Your job is not to be a cheerleader or motivator.
Motivating doesn't sign up new reps in to your business.
Motivation comes from within and no matter how much energy you put in to motivating your team, the ones who want it will do the work, the ones who don't won't.
As a leader you want your team to network, expose the opportunity to new people, and sign them up.
This is how you grow a successful network marketing downline and this is the simple formula for duplication.
Being a role model and leading by example sets the tone for how successful your team will be right from the beginning.
Getting Your People Started Off Right
There is a huge difference between working with your new team member of your network marketing downline and helping them get started.
Your goal is to help them get started in their business.
As soon as you start spending your time "working with people" you are not only limiting the growth in your own business but you are handicapping the new person.
You only have time to work with a handful of people and if you keep working with the same people who expect you to do all the work because they are too lazy, scared or unwilling to do the work you will stunt the growth and momentum of your team.
There are always going to be more people who are vying for your time, energy and resources.
Don't let your team leach off you when they can do things themselves.
Teach them what they need to do, get them started right and let them flourish because if you let them, they'll suck the life out of you and your business and that will be no ones fault but your own! 3.
Doing Just A Little More
Your business is made up of a lot of people doing a little bit every day.
A successful business is made up of a lot of people doing a little bit more every day.
Your role as a leader is to communicate the urgency for action and accountability.
To make big money in network marketing you must have thousands of reps taking action and being accountable for their own businesses.
If your actions inspire others to be more, learn more, seek more, and achieve more, then you are a leader and as a leader of your network marketing downline your job is to influence your organization to do just a little more! Network just a little more, sell just a little more and enroll just a few more reps than they would without your guidance.
True leaders can conceive and articulate goals that inspire and lift people up and unite them in pursuit of a mission worthy of their best efforts.
Find a few leaders who are ready to pull up their sleeves and get to work.
Help them get started and watch them grow.
Leaders have an uncanny way of showing themselves.
They'll be the ones at the meetings with the most guest, they'll be at the ones offering to present the opportunity, they'll be the ones signing up new reps and building their business with out by their side! These are the secrets to leading a successful network marketing downline.
When you are leading by example, getting your new members started off right and inspiring them to do just a little bit more you'll find you have a well-oiled machine that runs all on its own!
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